Martins Damisa; The Solutionist


Martins Damisa

Martins Damisa runs the highly successful Tribe of Excellence; a multimedia and events company with its head quarters in Abuja. He started out as a ‘novice’ in the industry but quickly garnered some notable projects under his belt including solely organizing a concert for sensational artist D’Banj, and hosting over 7,000 young people for the Ondo State government in Nigeria.

Kano born, Martins graduated from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria with a degree in Physics. He went ahead to the University of Wits in South Africa, to get a professional certificate in Sound Engineering and also acquired another professional certificate course in Music Production at the Alchemea College of Audio Engineering, London, United Kingdom.
A man of few words, Martins speaks to us about his business, his passion for gaming and his dreams for Tribe of Excellence.
Tribe of Excellence seems to be involved in so many areas. Could you please break it down for us?
We are a multimedia and events company, in the business of branding, printing, advertising, media, events and entertainment. Our branding services includes research, strategy, design, engagement and evaluation. We help with choosing the right name for companies, their products, and ensuring that the slogans and logos paint a clear identity for the corporation. When it comes to advertising, we work on projects ranging from traditional television, radio and print to interactive formats such as outdoor and indoor billboards, and digital displays. We also provide media plans and strategies for advertising challenges. We help with planning and managing events, and in the entertainment sector we work on music video and audio production and also provide sound re-enforcement and video coverage as well as managing live shows and concerts.
bus branding

Bus branding

What did you do before starting your own company?

I worked with a leading printing company in Abuja called True Expression. In fact, I’m still a Director at True Expression. I also worked as a project consultant for Dexterite Interactive, a multimedia company based also in Abuja.

I left to open a video gaming company; GamezRevolution which provides interactive gaming solutions to people in Abuja and then the idea of starting my own multimedia company came and so Tribe of Excellence was birthed.

What is Tribe of Excellence best known for?

We are best known for providing solutions in all our areas of expertise. Tribe of Excellence has positively projected the image of every company we have worked with.

How big is your team and what role do you play on it?

At the moment, Tribe of Excellence has four staff members who run the company’s affairs on a permanent basis and several temporary staff who are available to assist in executing of big projects. My role as the Founder/CEO is to lead the team to achieve company objectives.


How did you develop expertise in all these areas? Did you have to acquire professional qualifications or take courses?

Thank God for the spirit of knowledge and wisdom he has given me. Everything I do today, I learned from doing research and constantly working to build my skills. With some of them, I have gone back to school and I still plan to acquire more certifications, with time. You never stop learning.

Passion in whatever you do today matters and that is how we at Tribe of Excellence have learned to become experts in every area of our work.

Who was your first client at Tribe of Excellence and how were you able to convince them to use your service?

Our first ever client was a hotel in Abuja. Then I was still a learner and still had plenty of work to do concerning my skills but thank God for the management of that hotel. Through my persistence they gave me a try and I delivered on the job which then boosted my confidence in taking on other jobs.

Thankfully, with the level I have attained in the industry it’s the clients who come to us with a challenge that they want solved. Most of the time, the prospective clients have seen other jobs that we delivered and they are suitably impressed.


Can you tell us about of the exciting projects you’ve worked on?

Every project we work on is exciting and naming all of them here would be like writing a big book so I’ll just name a few of our most recent projects. In 2012, we worked with the Ondo State Government on the Ondo State Youth Economic Summit. We were involved in the planning and media coverage of the entire event which lasted for  five days. We also produced a documentary for Ondo state Governor, Olusegun Mimiko that was used during his re-election campaign.

Another exciting project we worked on was delivering the new and improved Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) web portal in the first few days of 2013.

What is the biggest live event you’ve worked. Did you face significant challenges on it?

So far, the biggest live event we’ve worked on is the Ondo State Youth Economic Summit held in 2012. It had over 7, 000 young people in attendance. Our biggest challenge on that project was the location and the government officials we had to work with.

You executed the D’Banj live in concert in 2007. What was the extent of your involvement? Did you get to meet D’Banj?

My partner and I came up with the idea, planned it from the scratch and managed the entire event. Yes I got to meet D’Banj and we were buddies from his arrival to his departure.


Working on a bus stop

Is Tribe of Excellence working on any big projects in 2013? 

Yes, we are in the planning process of various projects which we have phased and if you stay tuned you will see them unfolding in the course of the year.

Where do you see your company in five years time?

By the Grace of God and with dedication and commitment, I am sure that in five years time Tribe of Excellence will be one of the leading branding, advertising, printing, events and entertainment company in Nigeria as a Nation and would have crossed the borders to the rest of Africa.

Where do you see Martins in five years time?

I see myself being a responsible family man, still doing what I love and most of all taking my travelling hobby more seriously.


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