Introducing Our Quarterly

This year, we have decided to pivot by relaunching as a quarterly publication. Our first issue will be released in April and our theme for that issue is “Nationalism- What Holds Us Together?” It will take look at the current state of national unity in Nigeria.

We will feature essays, photography and videos from young Nigerians and Africans at home and in the diaspora; to address this extensive theme.

The style of the content will be the style that we create– it’s bold, curious, open, it’s evolutionary and it’s critical. We will take subjects and explore them without a fear of being too intellectual. We will present our essays in accessible language and encourage contributions from young artists and intellectuals. The aim is to present finessed work that will lead to normative shifts in our country.

  • We want to build a social consciousness around our following
  • We want contemporary Africa to tell its story and we will be the ones to do it
  • We want our work to have a social impact


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