About Zimuzo

The phrase “Zi m Uzo” can be roughly translated as ‘show me the way’, ‘direct me’, or ‘light me a path’. We have a passion for enterprising young people and our initiative aims at highlighting the achievements of young pacesetters in Nigeria.

This is how we explain it:

An achiever na pesin wey no gree siddon for house dey open hand for oda people to dey dash am money. Pesin wey you fit look im life, say, “I fit do this o!” No be because dem get plenty money for bank but because dem dey set pace, and you fit trace their path.

Expect to find features of young Nigerians working in a variety of fields. They will share stories of where they’ve come from and how they got there. Some of them will be in your typical industries; others might be making careers in something not so obvious.

We hope you can find some inspiration and take useful tips from them.
Enjoy hanging out!