Our team


                         l-r Obialunanma and Ifeatu (we love the beach ;D)

Obialunanma Nnaobi is a solutions provider who is keen on exploring how e-commerce can improve retail efficiency and profitability in Nigeria. She has worked within the Nigerian financial, construction as well as retail industries. She holds a degree in Accountancy from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Obialunanma is a people-person who enjoys travelling, fine dining, as well as a healthy love for books and shoes.

Ifeatu Nnaobi is a digital content specialist who is interested in how big data, social media and internet proliferation can contribute to economic and political development in Nigeria. She has an LLB Law with International Relations from the University of Sussex and an MSc International Public Policy from University College London. She is also a United World College (UWC) scholar. She takes pictures, paints (not very well!) and curates blog content and music in her space time. Learning Chinese Mandarin and becoming fluent in French are currently on her to-do list.